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Kettlehead Studios, located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, creates high quality entertainment with local performers and artists. We are a fledgling production company that is committed to empowering narrative artists to tell the best stories they can possibly tell.  We believe that storytelling, no matter the medium, is inherently collaborative, and that when many artists work together toward an artistic vision, they create something much greater than the sum of its parts. 


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Keziah Peterson

Founder & Artistic Director

Keziah Peterson is a Director, Performer, and Costume Designer. As a child, she performed as a clown with her family for Ringling Bros circus and has been involved in the world of performance and entertainment ever since. In addition to founding Kettlehead Studios, Keziah works as a freelance Costume and Fashion Designer for humans, puppets, and her two cats. Keziah Peterson graduated with a BA in Rhetoric & Media Studios and a minor in Computer Science from Lewis & Clark College.

Robert Amico

Founder & Production Designer

Robert Amico is a Puppeteer, Puppet Fabricator, and Props artisan. He has received a Drammy for Excellence in Puppetry as part of the cast of Oregon Children's Theatre's production of The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show. In addition to his work onstage, Robert has worked as a puppet fabricator at Michael Curry Design, Portland Center Stage, and Oregon Children's Theatre, as well as the Props Master for several shows at Artist’s Repertory Theatre. Robert graduated Magna Cum Laude from Lewis & Clark College where he studied Theatre and Studio Art.