Cthulhu's Carolers

Keep Portland Weird and festive with these yuletide harbingers. Singing Lovecraft-inspired holiday carols written by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society, Cthulhu's Carolers are bound to brighten your solstice and usher in the end of days. 

Cthulhu's Carolers are excellent for lobby entertainment, holiday parties, walk-about shows, and more. With a full cast of talented singers and performers decorated in custom-made costumes and props, Cthulhu's Carolers are sure to bring you holiday cheer and unfathomable horrors. 

Gthnak lhr-yft r’thglah ftkraln zgat’ln rak! Hstadh fth’tagn karn-shothotn. Fln’cazoth kr’y yatoth!
— Cthulhu, Harbinger of the End of Days