Agnes’ Cannibal Kitchen

It's always hard to make a dietary change late in life. Hopefully Agnes and Mudford can help out old hags like you with their cooking tips and tricks in this YouTube series


The Lindworm

The Lindworm, by Maddison Mondeaux,  is a new play being produced as part of the January 2019 Fertile Ground Festival here in Portland, Oregon.


the Tall Tales of Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox while they bring the adventures of the great logger to life as he strives with the dark, deep woods of the American frontier.


Oh, death

Oh, Death is a short puppet piece based on the folk song by the same name


Cthulhu's Carolers

Keep Portland Weird and festive with these yuletide harbingers. Singing Lovecraft inspired holiday carols written by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society, Cthulhu's Carolers are bound to brighten you solstice and usher in the end of days. 


The Lying Game

Experience an hour of magic, illusions, wonder, and lies. In this mentalist magic show, Keziah will intrigue and amaze you while exploring deception.